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How Easy Way to Learn How to Write An Article?

First off, you need to choose a topic that is relevant to your own website. Then you need a keyword or longtail keyword (phrases) for you article. Keywords are words or phrases that people type into the search field of a search engine such as Google. You should research your keywords, and choose low competition keywords if you can. Keywords are important to your website but even more important to an article and how to write an article properly is to use keywords.

Take you keyword, and do research on it, by putting it into the search field of an article directory such as EzineArticles. Once you do that it will show you all the articles that relate to you keyword that you entered. Read a few of these articles to form an opinion, and this will give you some ideas of how to write an article. Perhaps you want to write a list article such as "Five Easy Steps to..." or "Top 25..." or "7 Ways to Achieve...". List articles can be very successful tools to get traf…
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How To Choosing the Best Article Writing Company?

It is truly said that on the web content is the king. Most people who are in online business realize the needs for having articles with the best and most relevant contents. It can help them get the web recognition they are looking for to jumpstart their business on the web. Such tasks can be accomplished well by a professional and efficient article writing company.

Multiple Aspects
Writing articles for web promotion is not the easiest of the tasks. It is not just writing the contents and floating on the web. On the contrary, multiple aspects need to be considered by the article writing company while writing articles.

• Articles help advertise the products or services promoted considerably;
• It is one of the best ways of traffic generation to a site and get leads as well as sales; and
• Viewers will come back over and over again when they get real relevant and updated contents on any site.

Selection Methods
Some of the most effective ways of the choosing the best article writing comp…

How Easy Social Networking Some Tips For Your Nonprofit Organization?

A New Attitude

Social networks provide an excellent environment to promote awareness of your group, events or ministry. However, if you use social networking as a way to advertise rather than to connect, you're not going to have the success you could. Advertisement style posts with urgent language such as "Register Now," or "Get Your Ticket Now," or "We Need Your Help," have, in my experience, less and less effectiveness when it comes to drawing people into the great event I am planning. Also, listing the time, date and location is just not enough. In other words, a shift in thinking is necessary away from newsletter style copy, or church bulletin style announcements and towards something more social, more personal, more connecting. In other words, you have to develop a new attitude towards how you use social networking: make it personal.

Tell The Story

So don't bombard your intended audience with facts or a flurry of advertisements. They'll …

The Five Tips To Writing Your First Song

This is not intended to be an article about how professional songwriters do it. It is here to inspire you to have a go.

1. Choose a subject you are passionate about.

As an example I deliver Socks and Chocolates (and sleeping bags for that matter) to the homeless in The West Midlands, UK. I am passionate about the plight of the homeless as I read somewhere that 70% of the homeless in GB are ex-servicement. This is appalling! So I decide to write a song about it.

Your song is unlikely to become the next "Angels" by Robbie so you must be content at enjoying the writing process.

2. Play around with your instrument of choice - Mine is a guitar.

You need to play around with some chords. To do this, have a listen to lots of different songs and see which ones resonate well with you. You can then consider the style of the song you wish to create. It is fine to imitate your heroes but please do not copy them. You are your own artist.

3. Choose your chord progression.

Do not worry abo…

Quite Exclusive The Writer's Life

Next to the defeated politician, the writer is the most vocal and inventive attention holder in the world. He sees hardships and unfairness, wherever he looks. There are many common complaints of a working writer but I believe the most lifelong horrifying expense involved in the writer's life is in getting out the words.

Creativity can have its own reward, but it doesn't pay the rent. A blank paper is the writer's greatest enemy.

It may come as a surprise to many of you who assume that a writer's tools are limited to paper, pencils and a cup of tea and may be a tweed sport coat for interviews, but it is much beyond that.

The problem from which all other problems arise is that writing takes up the time that could otherwise be spent earning a living, A beggar on the street seeing a writer shuffling towards him would dig deep into his rags to see if he can spare him a dime. The bank officer in the bank would hide under his desk to avoid getting the eye contact to the des…

For Author of Hitler's Silver Box

A board-certified internist, Dr. Allen Malnak served as chief of medicine at Fort Sill, OK, and was medical director of a number of organizations, including the Emergency Department of Chicago's Mount Sinai Hospital. During his long medical career in the Chicago area, he was also a clinical investigator in liver disease as well as an assistant clinical professor at the Stritch School of Medicine, and a practicing internist. Following retirement, he and his wife Patricia moved to Bonita Springs, Florida. His interest in the Holocaust was sparked by the fact that all the men, women and children of his father's large Lithuanian family were sent to a death camp by the Nazis and murdered.

Thanks for this interview and congratulations on the release of your suspense thriller, Hitler's Silver Box. What compelled you to write this story?

When my father came to America in 1906 at age 16, he had only one distant relative in this country. He left behind in Kovno, Lithuania a large f…

Freedom and Creativity of Women in Virginia Woolf

The central point of Woolf's A Room of One's Own is that every woman needs freedom-something men are able to enjoy without question. To create something women must be free financially as well as from all kinds of prejudices. Therefore, the room of women stands for many larger issues, such as privacy, leisure, and financial independence. Not only economic facts but also she emphasizes on an unprejudiced state of mind of women to show creativity. A room of one's own is a mighty proposition for women's independence in creative endeavors. In the past women were not allowed into particular universities and libraries-let alone given the opportunity to creatively express themselves. We will analyze Woolf's insight towards the necessity of financial freedom of women first in the essay.

For this, Woolf gives reference to the history where women had no money of their own. She gives information how the buildings of Oxford University have been constructed. When the age of fai…